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Micom Controller

Micom Controller

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Micom Controller

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MICOM can be programmed for all kinds of functions and it has been practically applied in several of the industrial fields. MICOM controller employs microcomputer programs to achieve arithmetic control and precise physical control on the machine operation.


Self-diagnosis and automatic rebooting feature
It monitors the operating status by itself. It also reboots the system automatically 3 minutes after unexpected power supply cut-off.

Analog/Digital input and output
0~10V, 0~24V, 4~20mA of analog input/output and digital input/output/

Various models
It is a powerful controller that can be used in a variety of facilities.

PC remote control and data-saving feature
It uses PC to achieve remote control and it automatically saves all the date in case that power supply gets unexpectedly cut off or other problems occur.

Digital LCD Display
All the operation status and setup menus are displayed on the digital LCD for convenient use.

Adjustable program
The user can input a company logo on the program display, and can adjust the program according to different kind of functions.

Specification(Main Controller)

Control function
Temp/Humidity setting
Dehumidifying range setup : 1, 2 cooling delay time setup ; operation
Current temp/humidity ; operation on/off ; cooling, humidifying & dehumidifying status ; alarm status ; total running time delay
Alarms when andy malfunction occurs
Other Function
Remote control ; rebooting ; thermo syphon ; cycle 1,2 selecting function


General specification
Power source
AC220V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Below 0.5A
Temp, Humidity range
-20~60°C, 0~95%
Size and weight
220 x 150 x 56mm
Digital input
12EA, On/Off
Digital output
15EA, On/Off AC200V 2A
Analog output
4EA, 0~10V or 4~20mA
RS-232, RS-485
Baud rate
4800, 9600bps
Maximum 1.2km(repeater installation needed when the communication range is our of 1.2km radius)


Remote control display
It is easy to connect a controller to two key-pads. One key-pad can be directly connected to a controller and the other can be connected to the controller from long distance long distance using RS485 communicating system, The system is used for remote control and supervision.

Monitoring System
Communication port(RS485) included in each MICOM product can be connected to each other, which makes adjustment of all functions possible, using PC, in the case of controlling several machines, It is easy to control the system by connecting each communication port of using aerial circuit.

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